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Meet Kate Berry....


Kate Berry is an ecological researcher, conservation photographer and 2019 National Geographic Explorer. At the young age of 25, her research in animal ecology and commitment to conservation has led her on numerous expeditions, from exploring the wilds of Florida’s Keys, to documenting the world’s largest crocodilian study in far north Queensland, and most notably, to studying the world’s only marine lizard in the Galapagos Islands!  

She is determined to promote conservation by capturing the beauty and wonder of the natural world through her camera lens and scientific research. Further, Kate hopes her commitment to research will inspire the next generation of explorers and encourage others to step outside and adventure!


Kate’s scientific research, funded by National Geographic and in collaboration with the University of Sunshine Coast and UNC Galapagos Science Centre, focuses on uncovering the evolutionary and ecological mysteries of the Galapagos marine iguana!

When she is not out in the field, Berry works at Australia Zoo, where she helps inspire passion towards the natural world and contribute to the zoo's international conservation missions.

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